No Pep Rally

The Homecoming Pep Rally  was cancelled this week due to Covid restrictions.

The pep rally was cancelled for two school years because of Covid restrictions. The student body is not permitted to gather as a whole.

Mr. Jason Reece, principal, said, “There is still a possibility that we will be allowed to have a pep rally in the coming weeks; most likely it would occur during the basketball season.”

“Im annoyed that we’re not having a pep rally, but I feel better knowing that we may have one during basketball season,” said Ramsey Ferrugia, junior.

Typically, a pep rally is held during the week of homecoming to support the football players and get them hyped up for the big game.

Many freshmen and sophomores have never had the chance to experience a pep rally because their first two years of high school were spent at home or hybrid school.  Some of the juniors and seniors feel disappointed because they’ve only experienced it one or two times during their high school lives.

Miranda Young, senior, said, “I don’t like that we are not having a pep rally because my fellow seniors and I have only had two our whole high school experience; I miss having a pep rally because I thought it brought us closer together as a school. My pep rally experience was pretty good because just being there was enough for me.”

“I honestly expected it to get canceled this year; I’m shocked we’re even having Spirit Week. I’ve never been to a CHS pep rally, and I’m a junior so it’s kind of sad. Honestly, I don’t care too much though, because I’ve never experienced it due to dumb Covid,” says Amanda Dalton, junior.