Classroom Decor Delights Students and Teachers alike

Classroom decorations brighten the moods of students and teachers alike and help them feel more at home.

Class decoration is no new idea, but teachers have modified and individualized the concept to add a personal touch to their classrooms.

Ramsey Ferrugia, junior,  said “I thought teachers decorated their classrooms to make it seem more comfortable. Classroom decorations boost my mood because the classroom is  not as bland and gives good energy to the classroom. A classroom often says a lot about a teacher’s personality based on his or her choice of decor.

“My favorite decorations are string lights; if I were a teacher I would put a lot of lights and some other small, cute knick-knacks.”

Mrs. Erin Hall, English and yearbook instructor,  said “I decorate my classroom because I want my students to feel welcome, and because the decorations put me in a good mood, especially bright colors. Decorations make my classroom feel more like a home.

“I believe that a teacher’s personality is reflected in his or her types of decorations. As far as holiday decor, she fondly reminisced how former CHS teacher, Mrs. Libby Harrold, used to put up decorations for the different holidays. It was fun.”

“Decorations do add character to a classroom, and they make the learning environment a little more cozy and welcome to the students and teachers,” said Miranda Young, senior.