Trendy Halloween Costumes for 2021

Halloween is a time for people to express themselves through getting dressed up as characters that people know and love.

Many people enjoy dressing up as famous people or relevant with the current year.

Squid Game is a Netflix television show that has gained popularity in the last few months. In the show there are workers and contestants. The contestants wear teal tracksuits with a number specific to each person. Workers have on red jumpsuits and a mask with a triangle on it. These costumes can easily be made at home with a DIY.

A popular game over the summer was Among Us. It is a mobile game where there are two killers among a group of players varying from 6-10, the aim of the game is to determine who the two killers are. In the game the characters are able to be customized by changing it to to any color of the rainbow and even adding a variety of hats. This costume can be achieved by getting a body suit of any color one likes and wearing a hat.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics happened over the summer and is a worldwide event, athletes from all over the world come together to compete with one another. This is a classic Halloween costume every four years when they occur. This costume can be put together  by picking a sport and ordering their costume off of Amazon. There is a wide variety of uniforms to choose from, an individual could even DIY a famous Olympian.