Vegan Restaurant Review; Los Tres Magueyes

Los Tres Magueyes in a Mexican restaurant located at 2818 Riverside Dr., Danville. 

The restaurant is dine-in with added outside patio seating.

The venue is spacious and suitable for group dining. Mexican music was playing in the background.

Recently, on a Friday evening, my party of four were seated almost immediately by a friendly waitress. Our drinks were served quickly, and our food was brought out within ten minutes of ordering.

My entree was from the vegetarian section of the menu. I asked for sweet tea, no ice. The veggie fajitas came with guacamole salad, black beans, rice, flour tortillas, and sauteed vegetables.  There is an option of refried beans, which are not vegetarian,  or black beans. I also declined the sour cream that comes on the guacamole salad.  The food was steaming hot, savory, and delicious.

Our entire party was served promptly.

The restaurant has many vegetarian options such as: enchiladas, bean burritos, quesadillas, chalupas, and a veggie sincronizada which is primarily vegetables and cheese.

Mask wearing was suggested but not required.

The restaurant was acceptably clean; however, the bathrooms were extremely dirty.

Overall, I would give the restaurant four stars.