Help! I Need Somebody! Help!

Nurse Mary East is there for CHS students when they are at their worst.

From fevers to sore throats to seizures to injuries, she attends to each problem and tries to come up with solutions.

She sometimes sees as many as over 200 students weekly. She said, “On average, 10 students go home a week and between 45 and 50 visit my office each day.”

“The hardest part of my  job is when a student tells me about a situation, and there is nothing I can do to help.”

She said, “The most important part of my job is to keep students healthy and in school. The main reasons students come to me are because of  illness, injury, and needing medication.”

She estimates that about 15 percent of kids who visit her office fake being sick to get out of class or school.

Mrs. East said, “I love my job. I have been a nurse for 35 years; for 19 of those years, I have been a school nurse.” She attended the nursing program at Danville Community College.

In order for students to see Nurse East, a classroom teacher fills out a request document online. Mrs. East receives the request, assesses the need, and then calls the student to the infirmary.

Classroom teachers keep band-aids to distribute as needed, but otherwise are not allowed to provide medications or even cough drops for sickly students.