New Minds at Chatham High

Meet some the newest editions to our Cavalier family: Mrs. Melissa Motley, Mr. Neil Clarridge,  and Mrs. Jordan Dallas.

Mrs. Motley is an English teacher for Chatham High school. “I attended Greensboro College, where I majored in English with teacher certification. I minored in math.”

” I went to college right after high school; I got a full scholarship, and stayed on campus.”

Mrs. Motley is already enjoying CHS. “It is a very organized school and filled with nice people, students and staff, and I like the structure.”

” I live in Danville. This is my 22nd year of teaching. I have a stepdaughter who’s nineteen  and a five year old,” said Mrs. Motley. “I wanted to switch schools primarily because of the location; I was driving to North Carolina, and the commute was to much; my daughter was starting kindergarten so I sought out for a new school and found Chatham.”

Mr. Clarridge is already a familiar face to CHS.

“Chatham High is home; I was here for seventeen years as a guidance counselor. Then I went to the elementary school for three years, and now I’m back. I have been an educator for 28 years, not that I’m keeping track. I became a teacher because of Richard Bossart; he was my high school English teacher; I loved going to that class.”

Clarridge  attended Ohio University, “Not just Ohio State but the Ohio State University; I went straight into college on a full athletic scholarship. I also went to Southern Miss; that’s where I got my counseling degree.”

“Chatham High is home.”  His reason for wanting to teach has to be the best reason of all “Richard Bossart, he was my High school English teacher, I loved going to that class.”

The new Math teacher is  Mrs. Dallas.

“I attended Averett University, and I majored in mathematics. I went to Danville Community College for my first two years of college and then transferred to Averett University.” she said. “I  love Chatham High. All of the staff are so friendly and helpful, and my students are great! I love the environment here.”

She said “I live in Dry Fork, VA; this is my first year teaching. Chatham is close to home. Also, the math department is great. I receive so much help and support from everyone here at Chatham”.

“I’m not married, but I have wonderful parents and a brother who mean the world to me.”

“My motivation for being a teacher is that, “I had a really good math teacher in seventh grade; he is the one that inspired me to become a teacher. Plus, teaching gives me an opportunity to make a difference and have a positive impact in this community.”