Here’s The Beef!

CHS breakfasts and lunches provided by the cafeteria staff  have a powerful impact on students’ well-being throughout the day.

“I believe a nutritious meal is grains, vegetables, meat, and fruits,” said Mrs. Mandy Smoot, a six year cafeteria veteran. Mrs. Amanda Doss agreed with Mrs. Smoot.

Junior Jacob Barker said, “A nutritious meal has healthy stuff like fruits, vegetables, no processed meats, and dairy for good bones.”

Lauren King, junior, said, ” I feel a nutritious meal is anything with grains or vegetables.”

The cafeteria staff prepares adequate food for each lunch period. “We take how many serving sizes and multiply how many students we need to feed,” Mrs. Smoot said. Mrs. Smoot and Mrs. Doss both said, ” About 450 students eat lunch so about 150 students pack.”

Mrs. Doss said, “We also have a previous meal production list that helps us a lot.”

Jacob said, ” I would say I really like the buffalo pizza. It was a great addition. I am allergic to mammal meat, and it’s nice to have protein on the pizza that won’t actually kill me. The fact that it tastes really good is a bonus.”

“I’d have to say I really like the teriyaki chicken, and I love the square pepperoni pizza,” said Lauren.

Sierra Burnett said, “I like the chicken wings. They’re good, they’re spicy, and they’re not breaded.”

Jacob also said, ” I think some of the school food is healthy. Some of the meals have a lot of protein; some of them do not have a lot of trans fats. The chips are oven-baked.”

Sierra Burnett said, “There’s whole wheat bread. That’s cool. I feel like the cafeteria staff works hard to provide us with nutritious food.”

After the Obama administration ended, many students wondered if Michelle Obama’s food mandates would change. Mrs. Smoot said,  “Officials said there would be changes, but we have not seen any yet. None have been put into effect.” Mrs. Doss agreed.

Jacob said, ” I do not really think there should be a change. They are doing all right with what they have.”

Sierra said, ” I do think portions should be a bit bigger.”