Pamela Matherly – Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Pamela Matherly is in the Teacher Spotlight this week.

Matherly has been a teacher for thirty-two years for a variety of music and locations.

Each day she begins at the middle school. “I teach how to read music, bucket drumming and beginning piano. After lunch, I hustle over to the high school for my most favorite class, choir.” Matherly said. Matherly has been performing music since she was four. “It brought me such joy and an outlet for all types of emotions, that combined with my love of children lead me to my teaching profession,” Matherly said.

Matherly earned her college degree at Virginia Tech.

“My goal is to help students become musically literate; I wish for my students to function as a team and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done,” Matherly said. She loves to travel and love on her husband and puppies.

“My fondest memory in Mrs.Matherly’s class is how she can relate to us on an entirely different level than other teachers,” said, Malithia Stroud, a senior. “I also enjoy the music and the class itself as well,” she said.

Even though Matherly has many fond memories, her favorite would have to be when a school board member approach her after a concert and told her what an awesome job her students and herself had done.

“My least enjoyable aspect is the lack of planning afforded to me, and not being thought of as a ‘real teacher,'” Matherly said. Her most enjoyable aspect would be when students stop reading off a page and really make music.

“My enjoyable aspect of Mrs. Matherly’s class is the friendships that feel like family,” Kaylin Sandridge, a junior, said. Matherly inspired Sandridge to do the best she can and to never give up.

“Mrs. Matherly has inspired me to be myself and to never give up on something I believe in,” Kasey Martin, a juinor, said. Martin has been in Matherly’s class since middle school and has loved every second of it.

Teacher spotlight is where Chatham’s  faculty and staff are recognized for their hard work and dedication. Each week a different teacher, principal, janitor, etc. will be selected and be recognized.