Benefits of selling Ads for journalism

Students who sell advertisements for the school newspaper during the school year learn valuable skills and provide for their website.

The students sell ads in the county and nearby city of Danville.

The art of selling successfully actually improves the sellers’ social and marketing skills.

The advertisement money paid for three new classroom computers, a good scanner, and a color printer for the classroom.

Students enjoy leaving school to sell the advertisements. “I loved leaving school to sell ads. Often it was the highlight of the day. As a senior, it gave me a sense of responsibility and freedom,” said Caroline Moore.

The price of the ads range from $50-$300, depending on size.

“Not all students will become salespersons after high school, but selling ads teaches social skills and selling skills that are vital to have in life,” said Moore. “These skills include communication, respect, conflict resolution, and many more. In order to secure a buyer, you have to be professional to be able to persuade them that it will be a beneficial investment,” said Moore.