Best Advice Given to Help Students Cope

Students try and overcome struggles with the best advice they have received.

“When I was feeling down, my dad gave me the best advice I have ever heard,” said Carissa Carter, senior. “He told me failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This advice made me think, and it helped me through the situation I was in. I believe this is the best advice because I can use it for almost any situation. I can also help others that are going through a hard time get through it like I did,” said Carter.

“When I was going through something in the present that reminded me of a situation I had in the past, I was given the best advice,” said Abby Owen, senior. “I was told not to reflect on the past because it already happened, and you can’t change it. This advice helped me because I learned to focus on myself. I can always use this advice in the future that’s why I love it so much. My mom, grandma, and friends gave me this advice that now I share with others to help them through their hard times,” said Owen.

“My best advice I have been given was stop trying hard for people who don’t care,” said Yashua Bridgeforth, senior. “I always stuck by this advice because it really hit me. This advice helped me definitely I was able to leave this one girl alone. Carlos Miller a famous comedian said this and it just stuck with me. When others are going through a hard time I encourage them to listen to my advice because it helped me,” said Bridgeforth.

” My best advice was given from my mom when I was going through a hard time,” said Chance Long, senior. “She told me don’t ever take kindness for weakness. The more I thought about it, I realized how true it was. I definitely share this advice to help other in whatever they are going through,” said Long.