School Lunches are Back to Normal

School lunches are back to pre-Covid hours.

Students are both excited and disappointed.

“I feel that we have more time in the normal lunch schedule, but it’s a lot more crowded which I don’t particularly like. I still like it a lot better than the six, split lunch schedule,” said Mary Spain, a junior. “I like to eat for the 30 minutes a lot better than 15 because we have more time to talk to friends and eat.

“Especially for the people who have to wait in line; there was such a short time span to eat that it got down to about 10 minutes of actually being at the table,” Spain said. “It was honestly not difficult to find somewhere to sit, but my table that I sat at originally, did get taken to my friends and I just sat somewhere else,” Spain said.

“I like going back to the regular lunch schedule because I get to see my friends and I’m not rushed,” said an unnamed freshman. “The pros of this lunch are that I have longer to eat and the con is that there are a lot more people in there,” she said. “I have A lunch, and I enjoy having this lunch because I get to socialize with friends that I don’t have classes with and it gives me a break from schoolwork,” said the freshman.

“I like that we have more time to eat, but I am also used to scarfing my food down now. And with that I get bored sitting there after eating,” said Kayleigh Terry, a senior. “I am really excited that we get to have senior lunch back soon even if it’s only for a couple of weeks,” Terry said. “My pros are we have longer to eat, we can sit with all of our friends now since it [the lunches] are not split up anymore. My cons are that it takes longer for people to get their lunch and some students have several arguments over the tables they sit at,” Terry said.

“I hate going back to the lunch schedule; none of the people I want to be around are there and it’s too crowded. I had gotten so used to the old lunches,” said Yashua Bridgeforth, a senior. “It’s definitely going to be different with a lot of people because it’s going to be louder and longer to get our food with only two lines open and a lot more people looking for a table,” Bridgeforth said. “I like the split lunches because the lunches were earlier, and it also wasn’t as loud or crowded,” he said. “So far, I don’t like the lunches going back to normal.”

“I honestly don’t like the how the lunches are back to normal; it’s too many people in the cafeteria and feels overwhelming,” said Ellie Burley, a senior. “I think it will be different with a lot of people because it’s harder to find tables to sit at,” Burley said. “I enjoyed having the split lunches because it has less people and less noise. I also didn’t have to wait in the lunch line for 10 minutes.”