• November 13"There is always something to be thankful for."
  • October 26"Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."
  • September 27"Always salt your pasta while boiling it"

Top TV Shows of 2019

Elizabeth Triggs, Media Writer

December 18, 2019

There are many TV shows that premiered this year and impacted many viewers. This is my definitive ranking of the most popular shows of 2019. 10. True Detective came back for season three in January. This season was highly a...

Eight-year-old Girl Stripped Searched by VA Prison Guards

Sally Haley, Hard News Editor

December 6, 2019

  Recently I read an article on in washingtonpost.com, about how an eight-year-old girl was strip searched at a Virginia prison without her legal guardian's permission. This incident could've been avoided and the guar...

Kasai Japan Restaurant in Danville

Kali Logan, Restaurant Critic and Opinion Editor

December 6, 2019

Kasai Japan is a small Japanese restaurant that can be found at 325 Piedmont Dr., Danville Mall, Danville. My mom and I dined at Kasai Japan on a recent Wednesday. I was immediately greeted, my order taken and served within...

Yamatos in South Boston

Sydney McBride, Sports Writer and Events Editor

November 22, 2019

Yamato's is a mediocre Japanese restaurant at 4118 Halifax Road, South Boston, VA. My mom and I dined in on Sat., Nov. 16 around 1 PM. I ordered the Hibachi steak and shrimp with fried rice and no vegetables the cost was ...

Play Performance at CHS

Alyssa Nelson and Layla Jones

November 22, 2019

The CHS Drama Club will perform Mustardseed Fri., Nov. 22 in the auditorium, during fourth block. Mustardseed is a play based on the fairies' activities backstage during the production of Shakespeare's play, Midsummer Night...

My Car Experience

David Percario, Photography Editor

November 18, 2019

Like many guys, I love cars. However, it can be difficult to find a vehicle that suits me, so I attend car "meets" to see what's new. Car meets are impromptu gatherings of people who like to talk cars. As  a car guy, I...

Senior Spotlight- Nick Williams

Layla Jones and Alyssa Nelson

November 15, 2019

CHS Nick Williams is a senior. Although it has been challenging, Nick enjoys being a senior very much, "It's the best feeling, but also the most stressful time because you have to think about all the things to do after high...

Jenna Oliver- Senior Spotlight

Layla Jones and Alyssa Nelson

November 8, 2019

Jenna Oliver is a seventeen year old senior at Chatham High School this 2019-2020 school year. Her past three years at CHS have been long. She said,  "'It took FOREVER, but now that I'm here, it feels like the blink of a...

The Martian Movie Review

David Percario, Photography Editor

November 7, 2019

Mrs. Ginny Farthing's environmental science class recently watched "The Martian" to learn about how science helps people to  survive. The Martian is a movie about an astronaut who was stranded on Mars and has to survive for thre...

Woods of Terror: Worth a Visit

Jennie Furr and Lindsey Stafford

November 6, 2019

Woods of Terror was a haunted house that was open in Greensboro, NC, from mid-to-end of October. The website of Woods of Terror claims that the city of Greensboro was haunted by the spirits of those who died during the Great...

Is College Worth It?

Danielle Snead, Opinion Editor

November 6, 2019

College is one of the many great milestones in life, but is it really worth it? College can be very expensive. Even with scholarships and financial aid available, many students aren't able to access them to get the education...

Phones in school

David Percario

October 29, 2019

Cell phone usage at Pittsylvania County Schools is limited. Phones are not allowed to be so much as seen or heard or it results in the student spending time in In School Suspension or, for repeat offenders, Out of School Suspension. Students...