Nails at CHS


Chatham High School students show off their nails!


Ninth grader Ameyea Murphy shows off her stylish nails. “I like long nails because they make me feel confident.”
Twelfth  grader Lauren Stacy says, “My nails are short and stylish because they make me feel like a young lady.”
Ninth grader Chloe Gay says, “I like my nails because they remind me of spring colors.”
Mrs. Sandra Whitehead, office staff, shows off her natural nails. “I keep my natural nails clean because they look professional.”
Twelfth grader Alyssa Radar shows off her acrylic nails, “I like the color red so it inspired my nails.”
Ninth grader Ryann Anderson says, “I like the color black so they inspired my nails.”
Ninth grader Aamira Stansfield said,  “I usually don’t get colorful nails but I wanted to try some new.”
Ninth grader Jaden Breedlove displays his natural nails. ” I tend to keep my nails clean to impress the ladies.”