Allergies Affect People

Students are often affected adversely by seasonal and other allergies that can make their lives miserable.

Medical studies have shown there are a lot of ways allergies can affect our lives such as increasing your health risks, causing fatigue and depression, and also leading to mental problems. There are many different types of allergies; the most common allergies are caused by food and pollen. A lot of people have to adjust their lives because of their allergies, said

“I’m not allowed to eat seafood, so whenever I go to a restaurant, I have to make sure to avoid any type of seafood,” said Karessa Witcher, mom of Kevanna Gibson.

“I usually have to go grocery shopping online because it’s very hard to find products that doesn’t have peanuts,” said Rhianna Craft, freshman.

“My pollen allergy makes my eyes water and turn red, and it also makes me sneeze a lot,” said freshman Kamaiya Smith.

There are a lot things people do to help them with their allergies.

Food allergy sufferers often use epipens for when they have consumed a food they are not supposed to.

The epipen helps them suppress the reaction of the allergy until they can get to the hospital.

Pollen allergies are usually suppressed with OTC medicines that people buy from a pharmacy. The most common types of OTC medicine are Claritin, Benadryl, and Allegra.

“When I have an allergic reaction to food, I inject myself with an epipen, and my mother takes me to the hospital,” said Craft.

“For my pollen allergies, I take Claritin and try to stay inside away from all of the pollen,” said Witcher.

I take Claritin and sometimes Benadryl for my pollen allergies,” said Smith.

Allergies can affect your life in so many ways; it is best to always be cautious and aware of allergic symptoms and take medicine when needed. Talk with your doctor before you take any OTC medicine because you may have reactions from the medicine.