Senior Highlight: Kirra Lee

This week’s senior spotlight is on Kirra Lee.

Kirra Lee is a funny and clever student.

“I loved my freshman and sophomore year, but I feel like Covid robbed me of my junior and senior years,” Kirra said. Lee participated in Volleyball during her sophomore year and soccer during her freshman and senior year.

“After high school, I plan on attending Danville Community College to study dental hygiene. Being a dental hygienist has been a dream of mine since junior year,” said Lee.

Kirra’s favorite subject in school was math. “I’ve always found math so easy and satisfying,” she said.

Lee’s advice for up coming freshman is, “Don’t be so hard on yourselves and remember to always put your mental health first.”

“The friends that I never want to lose are Caroline Moore, Anne Oakes, Savannah Carlson, and Abby Totten.”