Best Dressed

Students at Chatham vote grades 9th-12th on who’s the best dressed.

Eleventh grader, Amaiya Griffin was voted twice for best dressed. Griffin always has on something trendy, and her hair is always done nice.
Senior, Ameia Harris was voted three times for best dressed. Harris always has on a nice fit with the newest shoes.
Freshmen Semiyah Royal and Aamira Stainfield were each voted best dressed twice.
Freshman, Ameyea Murphy was voted best dressed three times. Murphy is always wearing something stylish and has the newest shoes just like her sister, Ameia.
Freshman, Lindsey Evans was voted best dressed twice;l Evans always has on the latest Converse.
Freshman Jaedyn Thompson was voted best dressed twice. Thompson always has on the “drip,” and he has the newest shoes.
Sophomore Ebonee Linder was voted best dressed twice; Linder always has on the newest Jordan Ones.