Students prom experience

A good time was had by most at prom last weekend.

“To start my night, I went to Outback to eat before prom. Prom was honestly boring this year. The music wasn’t the best choice; I wish they had more up to date songs. It wasn’t what I expected, and I only stayed for about an hour and a half. Everyone stayed in different groups, and there was little space. I was so stressed preparing for prom; I felt like I wasn’t prepared and had little time to get my dress, shoes,etc. Even though prom was boring, my favorite part was the Senior Walk because I got to walk with my mom and my best friend,” said Ellie Burley, senior. “On the other hand, I enjoyed the Senior Walk. I got to walk with my best friend, Ava Hipkins, a student at Tunstall, and my mom.”

“I went to JT’s in downtown Chatham to eat before prom. I had a good time at prom; I enjoyed dancing with all my friends. The only bad thing I have to say about my prom experience was that my phone got run over because I left it on top of my car and fell off;   so I couldn’t take pictures on my phone and I had to use my friend’s phone. Also, getting ready for prom was stressful because my dress was too short in the back so I had to get it altered. Overall, I loved the prom experience. I wouldn’t change anything about it. I really enjoyed all the memories I made,” said Abby Owen, befor

“I went to Culture in downtown Danville before prom. I thought prom was ok. There were a few things I didn’t like about it. I wish they would’ve spiced up the music a little by playing newer songs. Finding my suit wasn’t stressful. I just wore all black with a little gold. My favorite part was the senior figure because I got a chance to show off. Overall, prom was ok. It was something new to experience and something to be a part of,” said Yashua Bridgeforth, senior.