Girls’ Soccer Team Earns Top Dogwood District Rank

The varsity girls’ soccer team defeated three teams in a week and earned them the number one spot in the Dogwood District.

The team recently beat Tunstall 1-0; Dan River 1-2, and Nelson County 3-2.

Many senior players were not able to play against Nelson County because they were getting ready for prom which left the team with only nine players. That win secured them the top spot.

The Lady Cavaliers have had a successful season so far. They are 6-2 overall.

“I would contribute our success to our team. We’re like family; sometimes we butt heads,but at the end of the day we learn to work together and communicate,” said Kirra Lee, senior.

“These past four years on the team have been such a beautiful journey; we have had theĀ  opportunity to connect with amazing players all around our district and building friendships on the field,” Alette Kegerreis, senior, said.

The players on the team are Kerri Lee, senior; Kirra Lee, senior; Quanadra Tunstall, senior; Abby Totten, senior; Alette Kegerreis, senior; Madison Oakes, senior; Trinity Brooks, junior; Olivia Leftwich, junior; Haley Murugasan, junior; Amaiya Griffin, junior; Destiny Brown, sophomore; Mikaylah Matta, sophomore; Carys Johnson, sophomore; Delaney Haymore, freshman; Ava Norris, freshman; and Kevanna Gibson, freshman.