Prom 2022

Students gave a variety of personal ratings on their recent prom experience.

“I would rate my prom experience a 8/10; I had a good time. I went with my boyfriend Bryan Argueta,” said Annie Terry, sophomore.

“I would rate my prom 9/10.  I really enjoyed myself. And I went with my boyfriend, Matthew Johnson,” said Abby Owen, senior.

“I give my prom experience a 6/10; I just didn’t really like it. I went with my boyfriend to prom,” said Anna Stone, a senior.

“I rate my prom a 7/10 because I really enjoyed myself, and I brought my best friend Ava Hipkins from Tunstall,” said Ellie Burley, a senior.

After prom ended, students went out to different locations.

“I went to Laci White’s after party; it was okay. I didn’t get home till about 3:15 a.m,” said Terry.

“Yes, I went to the school’s after party at CHS that was held by the parents. It was honestly so much fun, and we won prizes. The after prom party didn’t end until 3 AM, but I had to help clean up and didn’t get home until 4:45 a.m,” said Owen.

“Me and my boyfriend left early to go get ice cream, and then we stayed in town. I didn’t get home till about midnight,” said Stone.

“We went to my boyfriend’s house after, and he had some people over; it was pretty fun. I didn’t get home until the next morning because I stayed at someone else’s house,” said Burley.