Students’ Pets at Home

Many students have different pets at home.

“My favorite pets I have would have to be my bunnies,” said Hannah Wilson, freshman. “They look so excited to see me everyday, and they always puts a smile on my face.”

“My cat is a very good stress reliever,” said Logan Perry, freshman. “Everyday after school I enjoy playing with my cat; it always calms me down.”


Hannah Wilson’s, freshman, pet bunnies; The top left is Rex, the top right is Ivan, and the bottom one is Bunny.
Cory Vannewkirk’s, sophomore, pet dogs. The top is Carly and the bottom one is Bella.
Hannah Creasy’s, freshman, pet ferrets; The top left is Juniper, the top right is Naomi, and the bottom is Quincy.
Aja Adkin’s, freshman, kitten. It’s name is Munchkin.
Madison Swanson’s, freshman, pet turkey; his name is Clovice.
Logan Perry’s, freshman, pet cat; His name is Rigby.
Mason Lawrence’s, freshman, bearded dragon; His name is Peta.
Allison Duffer’s, freshman, pet pig. His name is Ziggy.
Kayleigh Harmony’s, freshman, pet dog. Its name is Milow.