A Professional Band Plays for Our High School Band and Choir

Three members of the Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass band performed at Chatham High for the students.

“The Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass (RMPBB) is America’s premier large brass ensemble. It is a group that reflects the diverse makeup of men and women in American culture. RMPBB is dedicated to the notion that music is a gift to be enjoyed by everyone,” according to the band’s FaceBook page.

Three members from the band performed for the students and shared some of their background and the reasons why they are in the band.

It was super interesting to get to know the professionals and all of their backgrounds, Kasey Martin, junior, said. Even though they didn’t have a choir, it was still super fun to hear their music and to have them play for us, she said.

The band did so well and is truly deserving of being professional musicians; I especially enjoyed their performance of the medley of the music from West Side Story, Tristan Hernandez, sophomore, said. A member that really stood out to me was Nikita SolbergSolberg explained that their parents were not musical and had never learned an instrument. The reason it stood out for me because I am the same way, so we can relate together, he said. The performance was a great learning experience for all of our Pittsylvania County Schools, and I really hope we can have something like this happen again, he said.

It was super cool to watch how they blend together with their different instruments, Kaylin Sandridge, junior, said. I’m glad I was able to hear the band play; it truly felt like an honor to watch them, she said.

A big thank you to the three members that played for our band and choir; I hope they enjoyed their time just as much as the students did,Earl Brooks, band director, said.