Graduation is Right Around the Corner

Seniors are facing the fact  that they graduate soon.

All emotions are flying around about it.

“I am ready for graduation to get here,” said Kerri Lee, a senior. “I have  taken the AP Literature exam, and I am preparing to take the AP Calculus exam next Monday,” said Lee. “When graduation comes, I will be more happy than upset because after sophomore year, it didn’t really feel like high school. We didn’t get to enjoy classes normally, we didn’t have pep rallies, and Covid just took a toll on everyone,” Lee said.

“I am ready to be over and done, but at the same time I’ll miss my friends,” said Kelsey Shelton, a senior. “Graduating honestly hasn’t hit me yet, but I feel when I walk across the stage, it will hit me,” said Shelton. “My favorite memory of high school was my tenth grade year in Mrs. Yolanda Shield’s math class. I had all of my friends there and it was just fun for me,” she said.

“I feel very impatient now that graduation is almost here. I am kind of ready for it to be over,” said Chancity Wilson, a senior. “So far, I do not need to take any exams due to my grades, and I am very happy about that,” said Wilson. “I am excited about graduating, but it is going by so fast. I feel like I will miss it when it is over,” Wilson said.

“I am ready to graduate high school because I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life,” said Ellie Burley, a senior. “I will be more happy than upset because I’ll be done with high school and out in the real world soon,” Burley said. “My favorite memory of high school would be cheerleading and our tenth grade pep rally,” she said.

“I feel great about graduating because I am ready to leave, but I am also proud of what I have accomplished,” said Chancelor Long, a senior. “My favorite memory of high school is being in Mr. Whitt Farr’s English class. Another fun memory is when we had one of the agriculture teacher’s bunny in class, and we accidentally dropped it,” said Long. “I am going to be both happy and upset. Happy because I am graduating high school; sad because this is the last year I’ll be able to really be with all of my friends in one place,” Long said.