Students Opinion On Having SOL’s

SOLs are very stressful for students.

“They are stressful because if they do not pass they have to take it again,” said  Chancelor Long, senior.

“SOLs stress students out and puts more pressure on them,” Kevanna Gibson, freshman, said.

Some students believe that there shouldn’t be SOLs.

“There shouldn’t be SOLs because it is the end of the year, and we have many tests at the same time,”Mollie Franklin, freshman, said.

Some believe that it is reasonable to have a test.

“I feel like it makes sense that they have an SOL at the end of the year because grades are not good to go off of,” Zach Adkins, freshman, said.

SOLSs also effect the mental health of students.

“It is stressful because I would think I am a failure if I do not pass,” Franklin said.