Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Joseph Fielder is an amazing teacher at CHS.

He is fun to be around. Mr. Fielder enjoys many things such as watching and playing sports, as well as doing stuff outside like fishing. He also likes to eat; his favorite things to eat are tacos, seafood ( fish and tuna), and wings. His favorite sports are football and basketball.

“In my free time I like to play golf, fish, and attend sporting events,” said Mr. Fielder.

“I enjoy my job as a coach and as a teacher. I like many things about my job such as watching my students grow.”

The thing he likes most is  influencing his students in positive ways, as well as seeing his students mature.

“What I like best is being able to give a positive influence and inspire young people,” said Fielder. “I also like when I can finally see my students mature and grow out of their old ways,” said Fielder

Mr. Fielder has formed many bonds with most of his students; there are a majority of students who favour him and enjoy his class. “What I like about Mr. Fielder is that he is a good listener, and that whenever I have a problem I can go talk to him and he will listen,” said freshman Kylah Pope.

“Mr. Fielder is very kind, I like that he comes to talk to me whenever I am by myself,” said freshman Rhianna Craft.

“Mr. Fielder’s class is always fun to be in, I like that he plays games with us and tries to involve everybody,” said junior Juelz Williams.

Mr. Fielder is liked by many students. He is a great teacher and coach, and he sets good examples for all of his students.