Students’ Burnout

Many students lack motivation towards the end of the school year.

“Burnout is a form of exhaustion; it is a negative emotional, physical and mental reaction to prolonged study that results in exhaustion, frustration, lack of motivation and reduced ability in school,” according to University of  the People; the Education Revolution.

“I get my mind set on summer and don’t think about anything else towards the end of the school year,” said Hannah Wilson, freshman.

“Everything starts to pile up at the end of the year and it’s very overwhelming,” said Yashua Bridgeforth, senior.

“At the end of the school year, teachers tend to give out a lot more work; it can be a lot to handle,” said Mollie Franklin, freshman.

“I tend to care less and only think about leaving,” said Jai Holmes, senior. “Classes aren’t even enjoyable anymore.”

Burnout among students can be caused by many things. It can be caused by too much stress from school or home. “In many cases, burnout is related to one’s job. Burnout happens when you’re overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to keep up with life’s incessant demands,” according to

Students believe if they had breaks their mental health may be increased. “I miss how we used to have Wednesdays off last year; I think it was more beneficial,” said Holmes.

“If we had breaks then I would have more time to study in the breaks,” said Madison Roach, sophomore.

“Holidays are becoming more limited, and sometime school is just too much to handle,” said Cali Perry, freshman.

“The weekends feel too short; every once in awhile we deserve a reward for our hard work,” said Wilson.