Cell Phones & Student Use

Chatham High’s policy for cell phones is considered strict and unfair by most students.

The cell phone policy states that  students are not allowed to use their phones during the school day 7:50 AM to 3:11 PM when students are dismissed.

“I don’t think the school policy for cell phones is fair. I want to have access to my phone so if something were to happen with my family I would know about it so I wouldn’t be in the blind,” said Kelsey Shelton, senior.

“We should be allowed to be on our phones in the classroom if our assignments are done and the teacher is done teaching; also at lunch and between class changes,” said Taylynn Fitzgerald, senior.

“I think the cell phone policy is fair, I dealt with it for four years,” said Yashua Bridgeforth, senior, “Being on your phone takes away from the learning experience and causes distractions.”

“I think we should be able to be on our phones between classes and at lunch,” said Shelton.

“No, I don’t think it’s fair, teachers should be allowed to have their own rules in their classrooms, including when we should be allowed on our phones. I also feel we should have our phones in the hallways because we’re not doing anything for those six minutes,” said Alyssa Rader, senior.

“If teachers can do their jobs and have their phones, then I feel that students can do their work and have their phones,” said Mason Anderson, senior.