Therapy & How It Helps Students

Students  who attend therapy have positive outlooks on how it affects them during the school year.

This story is concerning a sensitive topic, so the decision has been made to change all names.

“One day, I got really sad after my parents divorce and one of my relationships fell through, so I got into bad habits, and I realized I needed help controlling my emotions,” said Mika Banana, freshman.

“I was not in a good place mentally whatsoever, and there were things about myself that I needed to talk about in a safe place,” said Willow Jupiter, sophomore.

“Honestly, I want a lot more time at therapy because there’s so much that happens, and it’s hard to condense it into just one session every two weeks,” said Banana.

“Normally, when I walk out of my therapist’s office, I feel really tired from thinking about myself, but I feel like I’ve come closer to understanding who I am as a person,” said Saturn.

“When I walk out of therapy, I feel really good because I can say whatever I want and it’s a good way to lay things out,” said Banana.

“My experiences with therapy definitely differed throughout each therapist,” said Oliver Ambrose, tenth. “I would always feel pretty good and better when I left my first therapist’s office. With my second therapist however, we did teletherapy meetings so I never got that experience over the phone, but with my third therapist I would basically cry every time I saw her, she was really mean.”

“I really like my therapist; she easily understands what’s going on in my head, and she asks about things that are really important to me,” said Saturn.

“I love my therapist; she speaks freely, she’s really funny, and we have a lot of things in common. She makes me feel really comfortable,” said Banana.

“With my first therapist, I really loved him and enjoyed being one of his patients, but my third therapist did not understand me whatsoever, and she was extremely mean,” said Ambrose.

“I think my therapist understands me, because she brings up examples from other people to try to relate with me and I think she really tries to understand me and my situation,” said Banana, “For example, she looked up things about being trans to try and understand me, and I really appreciated that.”

“With my first therapist, he was extremely understanding, and he did everything he could to help me,” said Ambrose, “but with my second and third it really just felt like a job for them.”

“I feel very comforted to be in my therapist’s room; unfortunately, anything to get away from my parents is good,” said Banana. “She also has these magnets that I can always just mess with, and it really keeps me calm.”

“I can’t say that I ever felt comfortable in my therapists’ office; I found it similar to an office cubicle,” said Ambrose.

“I really like the vibe of my therapist’s office. The walls are a nice, happy teal, and my therapist has essential oils that I like to smell and organize. She also has crystals that I like to hold in my hands during sessions,” said Jupiter.

“One of the biggest benefits of therapy for me would be being able to be myself around an adult, because that’s not normally a privilege I am able to have,” said Banana.

“I think if you have a good therapist then you can become a better version of yourself and have a better understanding of what goes on in your mind,” said Ambrose.

“I think therapy allows people to work through their feelings, trauma, and life in general. It’s really important to have something like therapy because it can help people finally be okay with themselves,” said Saturn.

“I don’t think therapy is for everybody because it can stress you out more than is needed. Some people may never find a match for a therapist,” said Ambrose. “Also, some people expect a therapist to completely fix their problems, but people need to realize that they need to put in the effort themselves.”

“Sometimes it can be extremely uncomfortable to have to relive traumatic experiences and it can leave you in a bad place at times,” said Saturn.

“Attending therapy is a good step to take for someone who isn’t doing well, even if you don’t want to it’s a good idea to try out,” said Ambrose.

“Therapy lets people release negative thoughts and emotions, so when a person isn’t doing well it’s a good idea for them to attend some sessions,” said Saturn.

“I think therapy is great because when you’re in therapy you can say whatever you want to say, you can talk to someone who is willing to talk about you and your problems, and you can get help when you truly need it,” said Banana.