Decision Week for Seniors

Senior accomplishments were celebrated all Decision Week.

Monday, seniors wrote gratitude letters for any teachers, facility, or staff. Tuesday after school, they  tie-dyed their decision day shirts. Wednesday morning, there was a pancake breakfast. Thursday during the lunches, seniors will get cupcakes. Friday, seniors get to wear their decision day shirts, have a pizza party, go outside, and have fun.

“My favorite day of decision week was Thursday when we got cupcakes at lunch. If we had a decision day on Friday, it would have been that day,” said Alyssa Terry, a senior. “We weren’t able to have decision day Friday due to the rain,” she said. “I tie-dyed my decision day shirt at home since I had practice on Tuesday and the colors of my shirt are white and blue,” Terry said. “I haven’t written a gratitude letter yet, but when I do it will be to Paige Echols to thank her for being my volleyball coach and for putting up with our class,” said Terry.

“My favorite day was cupcake day. The cupcakes were A1,” said Seth Weiss, a senior. “I tie-dyed my shirt at home because I wasn’t able to go after school Tuesday. My shirt colors are blue and white,” said Weiss. “I wasn’t able to go to pancake day on Wednesday morning because I have Governor’s School in the mornings. I wish I was able to get a pancake,” he said.

“My favorite day would have to be cupcake day because I love cupcakes,” said Carissa Carter, a senior. “I tie-dyed my shirt at home just because I wanted to. My decision day shirt colors are black and gold,” said Carter. “I wrote my gratitude letter to Whitt Farr because he is one of my favorite teachers I have had; his class was so much fun, and I really learned a lot in his class,” she said. “I wish we would’ve had decision day Friday because I was excited to get out of my fourth block,” Carter said.

“My favorite day was cupcake day, but I also enjoyed tie-dying my shirt on Tuesday,” said Malethia Stroud, a senior. “I tie-dyed my shirt at the school and my colors are blue and yellow. I had fun doing it and being with my friends,” Stroud said. “I wrote my gratitude letter to Mrs. Sheri Williams because she was a really big encourager to me in French,” she said.

“My favorite day was pancake day even though I had to wait since they ran out of pancake mix,” said Dawson Newell, a senior. “On my pancake I put whipped cream, syrup, and chocolate chips,” he said. “For my decision day shirt, I am getting someone else to tie-dye it because I haven’t had any time to do it myself. The colors are going to be blue and yellow,” Newell said.

“My favorite day was gratitude day where we wrote letters. I liked getting to officially thank all of the teachers who helped me get this far,” said Taylynn Fitzgerald, a senior. “I wrote my letters to Mrs. Corwin, Erin Hall, and Mrs. Jones,” said Fitzgerald. “I tie-dyed my shirt dark and light blue at the school on Tuesday. I had a fun time with my friends and made memories,” she said. “On pancake day, I got two pancakes with syrup, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. I also liked the decision day cups we got to keep,” Fitzgerald said.