Biggest fears

Students at CHS have lots of different fears and phobias.

“My biggest fear is spiders and snakes,” said Trinity Custer, sophomore. “I am scared of spiders and snakes because they are poisonous and scary looking. “I don’t like the fact that if you get bitten you could possibly die or be very sick.”

“My biggest fear is losing my legs,” said James Long, sophomore.  “If I lost my legs it would ruin my football career and everything I have worked for.” Long loves being on the field.

“I would say mountain lions are my biggest fear,” said Aidan Hodnett, sophomore. “I once saw a video where this man was hiking and came across a mountain lion, and it pounced on him.” Hodnett doesn’t like big animals or the fact that they are wild.

“My biggest fear is bees,” said Zander Cornell, sophomore. “The reason they are my biggest fear is because I was at baseball practice the other day and a bee started to chase me from one side of the field to the other.” Cornell hates that something so little can cause so much pain.