Donuts are a popular treat with students.

The best donuts come from the best bakeries.

“My favorite place to donuts is Duck Donuts, in Roanoke,” said Autumn Cassell, freshman.

“My preferred place to get donuts is Wake ‘n Bake in Wilmington, NC,” said Brooke Mahaley, sophomore.

“My all time favorite place to get my donuts, is Krispy Kreme, because I love their cream-filled donuts,” said Madison Roche, sophomore.

Students like all different types of donuts.

“I love the chocolate donuts with the cream filling. When you bite into the donut you get a chocolate glaze but also a sweet filling on the inside, so it levels out the sweetness,” said Roche.

“Sometimes I like to switch up the type of donut I get. I like powder and sugar donuts both.” said Cassell.

“I prefer donut holes, because they are bite-sized. My favorite donut holes are the blueberry ones,” said Mason Lawrence, freshman.

Students also prefer to buy donuts instead of making them themselves because it’s easier, faster, and also saves time if you’re on the go.

Students sometimes like to drink certain beverages with their donuts to increase the tasty flavor.

“I think coffee goes amazingly well with donuts,” said Cassell.

“I like to drink milk with my donuts, so I can dip them in it as well,” said Roche.

“I usually don’t drink anything with my donut; I just eat them by themselves, but once I finish my donut, I chug water to hopefully balance out the calories in the donut, “said Mahaley.