Advice for Upcoming Freshmen

Many students have advice for the upcoming freshmen.

“High school is where your work counts; try your hardest to keep your grades up,” said Hannah Wilson, freshman.

“Don’t go to the bathroom between classes; you don’t have as much time as you think,” said Cali Perry, freshman. “Also, try to know what is for lunch the next day, so you won’t have to eat something you don’t want to. Make sure to not get into trouble, and people are mean.”

“High school is nothing like the musical,” said Makaila Eanes, freshman. “Make sure you turn your work in on time and stay out of drama.”

“Don’t be tardy to your classes; tardies add up very quickly,” said Tony Luck, freshman.

“Behave yourself in your classes, and don’t trip up the steps,” said Amario Henry, freshman.

“Take school seriously,” said Jaden Breedlove, freshman.

“Honestly, don’t stand out too much; it’s better when nobody pays attention to you,” said Kaylen Emerson, sophomore.

“Stay on track with your work and always work hard,” said Cory Vanewkirk, sophomore.

“Believe in yourself and stay positive,” said Brady Richardson, freshman.

“Drop out as soon as you can because who needs school,” said Brooke Mahaley, sophomore.