Student Hobbies

The most popular activity for students after school is sports.

“Softball is my favorite hobby,” said Trinity Custer, sophomore. “I play because when I’m on the field, I feel happy, and I love my teammates,” said Custer. “I absolutely love the game.”

“Baseball has been my hobby since I was little,” said Zander Cornell, sophomore. “I play because it brings me lots of joy, and I grew¬† up playing baseball,” said Cornell.

“Track is my new hobby,” said Ebonee Linder, sophomore. “I love track; it gives me peace of mind, and it makes me feel good, and I love my team,” said Linder.

“Soccer is my hobby, “said Destiny Brown, sophomore. “Soccer is my happy place,” said Brown. “It helps me release all the built up anger I have. I also love the bond I have with my teammates; it is one of my favorite things about playing,” said Brown.