Product Review Of Love, Beauty, And Planet Hair Care

Eco-friendly body products are preferable for those wanting to have a gentle impact on the planet.

Love, Beauty, and Planet is a vegan hair care brand that is 90% natural and offers eight different scents of shampoo and conditioner to choose from.

It is free of sulfates and parabens. Their shampoo and conditioner is mostly made from natural materials. 

Love, Beauty, and Planet can be purchased at Walmart, Target, and on Amazon. The bottles are sold in 13.5 fl oz and 32.3 fl oz. The bottles can be bought with a top you click open or a top that has a pump.

The smaller bottles can be bought in a set of two for $13.89, or bought individually for $6.94. A set of the larger bottles costs $29.98. The large bottles can also be purchased individually for $12.69. I find this to be slightly expensive and tend to buy it when it’s on sale at Target or Walmart.

Out of the eight different scents offered, My personal favorite scent is Murumuru Butter and Rose, but all of the scents smell great. 

The shampoo has the same consistency as unset gelatin. it lathers well and does not remove much dye from my hair. It rinses out quite well. It doesn’t dry out my hair too much and is nice to use overall,

The conditioner makes my hair feel really soft. I typically leave it in for three to five minutes. It lathers nicely and rinses out well in cold and hot water.  I have low-porosity wavy hair, and the conditioner is slightly too heavy for my curls, which causes them to deform and stretch out when dry.

Overall, I would recommend this brand to someone who is looking for a new product to try.