High School Jobs: Positive or Negative?

Depression and lack of motivation are often consequences of holding a part time job while in high school.

Many students are blunt about their part time jobs and how they affect their school work.

“Working after school stresses me out; I don’t have a lot of time for myself, ” said Samantha Woods, senior at Chatham. Samantha works at Frank’s in Chatham. “I work about twenty hours a week during the week and weekend. Balancing after school, ACE, and SCA, plus work gives me maybe 15 minutes free time before work. I miss having time to do nothing,” she said.

A long work week can limit personal time, and this is not healthy.

“Students who have outside jobs are much more stressed, in my opinion, because students who work do not get as much time to study,” said Trinity Brooks, senior. She works at Outback in Danville. “I work about twenty hours a week.”

A job can also cut into the high school experience.

” I have to work instead of going to football games,” said Zaniyah Russell, senior. “I work at Food Lion.”

The stress from working can affect students’ motivation to go to school. Many students have to work in order to pay for their bills such as a car payment, insurance, or a phone bill.

” Yeah, when I work late nights it’s harder to wake up the next morning for school. ” said Eli Kazmier, sophomore. “Now, because the Homecoming football game time is changed, I can no longer go, because of my work schedule. It’s frustrating.”