Dress Code: Guys vs Girls

Students have strong opinions about the dress code set by Pittsylvania County Schools.

The general consensus of students is that the dress code unfairly primarily targets females and people with curvier figures.

Other students insist that the code is fair and is not targeted to anyone.

“The dress code is extremely sexist,” says Anya Reichl, junior. “Having a dress code feels like people need us to cover our bodies in order to get an education.”

“I think it’s unfair,” says Cameron Martin, sophomore. “You see guys wearing shorts all the way up their thighs, and they never get flagged for it.”

Students said they are not bothered by the way others dress, mostly because they don’t care or don’t look at other people’s bodies.

The majority of the students interviewed wanted to change the same things in the dress code.

“I’d like to be able to wear leggings without a dress four inches above the knees,” says Kasey Martin, senior.

“We should be able to wear rips in our jeans four inches above the knees,” says Khamari Robinson, sophomore.

“I’d change it to just whatever makes people comfortable in what they wear,” says Amario Henry, sophomore .

Here are some of the most controversial dress code rules:

  • No rips in jeans four inches above the knee;
  • No leggings without a dress or shirt four inches above the knee;
  • No crop tops;
  • No straps on shirts less than two inches.