Author is Taking over TikTok

An internationally famous romance author is changing the way our students read books.

Colleen Hoover of Texas has made her way into many lives, especially through TikTok for You pages.

Students and teachers¬† said that their reading has increased this past year mainly because of TikTok promoting certain books and authors. When individuals search ‘books’ on TikTok, it’s hard not to notice how many of Hoover’s books come up in videos.

“It’s good that reading has gained more popularity because it means people are looking at their phones less and that’s a good habit,” said Mrs.Debora Maxey.

Students and faculty said that they have read and enjoyed Hoover’s books. They mentioned “It Ends With Us” the most, it being Hoover’s best selling book. Students also said that they find almost all of their books recommendations from TikTok.

“‘It Ends With Us’ was a really good representation on how hard it is to leave an abusive relationship,” said Anardia Harris, freshman.

“I enjoy going to the ‘BookTok’ table at Barnes and Noble.” Grace Stowe, sophomore.