Siblings: A Blessing, Usually

Allison Giles and her sister Taylor.

Many students have siblings that either add or detract from their experiences.

Morgan VanDerHyde, sophomore, has two older brothers, and a younger brother. Her oldest brother is Ben, a junior in college; her second oldest brother is Isaac a senior; and her younger brother is Jacob a freshman.

“I don’t like my brothers, but I would give my left kidney for them,” VanDerHyde said. “I love them, but I don’t like them.”

Ashton Flick, freshman, has two older brothers, an older sister, and a younger brother. Her sister Amanda is 34, her two older brothers are Travis 23, and Justin a senior at CHS; her younger brother is Brandon, a seventh grader.

“My parents try to make us equal, but I usually end up missing out because of it,” Flick said. “I miss out on activities, and I rarely ever see my friends. My siblings have so many things to do, so I have to go their things instead of mine.”

Taylor Giles, sophomore, has two younger sisters Allison, freshman, and Deanna a fifth grader.

“My sisters are so annoying,” Giles said. “They are always up in my space, and Allison will barge in my room, and just shove her phone in my face.”

VanDerHyde, Giles, and Flick have been late to multiple things.

“It’s my fault that my siblings are late to everything,”  VanDerHyde said. “I take forever to get ready, and I wake up late.”

“We are late constantly  because Allison wants to say goodbye to the dog and not tell anyone,” Giles said. “We got to a party once,  and there was like 30 minutes left.”

“I’ve been late to school multiple times,” Flick said. “It’s usually because my brother can’t find his hat.”

Flick has also missed things due to her brother.

“I’ve missed my friend’s birthday party because my brother wanted to do something else,” Flick said.

Giles once had to give up putting a dog into service animal training programs because her siblings wanted a pet. Flick has given up softball for two seasons because my brother has so many activities. My brother has a lot of FFA stuff and baseball stuff so I usually can’t do what I want,” Flick said. “I feel very left out and somewhat jealous because of this.”

Giles has missed football games and FCA meetings. “Allison left and I didn’t want to go there alone.” Giles said.

Giles siblings has taken things from her bag that she needed for school. “Allison took my scissors,” Giles said. “I still can’t find them.”

Flicks doesn’t believe her brothers have ever taken something from her. “I don’t think they’ve taken anything I need from school” Flick said. “But they have completely taken my sanity.”

VanDerHyde is close to her younger brother Jacob. Giles argues with her sister Allison but despite the constant bickering between the two they are still very close. Flick gets left out often and misses things because of her brothers causing her to feel left out and jealous.