Tightsqueeze McDonald’s Is a Disappointment

The Tightsqueeze McDonald’s is a dud.

The local McDonald’s is a popular spot for hungry students right after school.

However, service for people who choose to dine in is not good. “McDonald’s has some good workers, but they prioritize the drive-thru more than the dine-in. Their burgers are musty, and they use way too much mayonnaise, and their water costs too much,” said senior Brent Stone.

Often, the orders are filled incorrectly. “Every time I order ketchup on my food, they put mustard instead. Anytime I ask for extra onions, they will put on extra pickles and no onions. It will take 20 minutes to get my food every time; even if I order a small fry,” junior Dustin Webb said.

Sometimes even they get the whole item wrong. Freshman Brayden Martin said, “I waited so long for my food; my dad had to come in from the car. The workers the whole time were ignoring me. While I was going through the drive-thru, the workers were sitting in the back on their phones and talking. When I finally got my food, they gave me a 10 piece chicken nugget instead of a plain cheeseburger and fries.

Think twice before going to the Tightsqueeze McDonald’s.