Fall Weather

Students have different interests in what to do during fall weather in their spare time.

Students overwhelmingly like fall weather.

“I like fall weather because I think its aesthetic and nice weather to me,” said sophomore, Alexandra Norris.

“I absolutely love fall weather, because it means Friday night football games, pumpkin flavored treats, Halloween/fun costumes, Thanksgiving dinner, and the best of all it means winter is on the way which means Christmas!” said sophomore, Mary Ross.

“I personally like fall weather because its colder so you don’t sweat as much,” said  sophomore, Anne Russell.

Students have their personal favorites about fall weather as well.

“My favorite thing about fall is getting to wear sweaters and flannels,” said Russell.

“I love fall weather because it gets cold, and I can wear fall attire clothes; I love that kind of clothing,” said Norris.

Students like to go to all kinds of places during the fall.

They also have their favored fall treats.

“I love to eat my mom’s homemade pumpkin cookies; they’re my favorite!” said Ross.

“I like to have pumpkin pie during fall,” said junior, Delaney Meadows.

Students have their annual pumpkin patch and carving traditions.

Many have their preferred fall holidays.

“My favorite fall holiday is Halloween because you get to dress up and eat candy,” said Ross.

“My preferred fall holiday is Thanksgiving, because I like to eat all of the good homemade food,” said sophomore, Semiyah Royal.

“I like Halloween the most because I look forward to the new horror movies that come out every year,” said Russell.

Pumpkin Pie