Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Students at CHS love the shoes that they wear.

Alex Swanson, freshman, wears Red Wing lace up work boots.

Alayna Petty, freshman, wears platform Converse. “They make me taller so no one can make fun of me for being short,” Petty said.

Takira Fitzgerald, freshman,  wears white Converse. “They go with every outfit,” Fitzgerald said.

Michaela Pugh, freshman, wears Galaxy Converses. “They make me look cool,” Pugh said.

Juelz Green, sophomore,  wears Air Jordan 4, black and red Thunders.

Amaya Day, freshman, wears Jordan 13, retro-court purple. “They are my favorite shoes,” Day said.

Julian Wright, sophomore, wears high-street, high-space Chuck Taylors.

Swanson’s boots
Petty’s platforms
Fitzgerald’s Converse
Pugh’s galaxy converses
Green’s Jordans
Day’s, Jordan 13s
Wright’s Chuck Taylors