Music Tastes

Students say that music helps them explore ideas and emotions and expresses themselves.

Students enjoy a variety of  different music genres.

Musical preferences are a result of the combination of personal values, personality traits, and thinking styles.

“I like Underground Rap which is just rap that artists make that don’t get the credit that they deserve and mainstream rap,” said sophomore, Khamari Robinson.  “One of my favorite artists from mainstream rap music is Yeat, and one of my favorite songs by him is “Always Alive.”

“I like to listen to country and 2016 pop music,” said sophomore, Morgan Vanderhyde.

“I like just plain old country music,” said sophomore, Whitney Rigney. “Some of my favorite country music artists are Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers, Jason Aldean, Parker McCollum, Taylor Swift, Flatland Cavalry, Koe Wetzel, Ian Munsick.”

Students like to listen to music almost everyday. They also feel that music is very motivational because it pumps them up and helps them focus to get things done faster. Music helps people coordinate their movements while they are engaged in productive activities.

“I can’t get through my day without music,” said Vanderhyde. “Literally the first thing I do when I get up in the mornings is cut on music. I can’t ride in the car without the music on; that’s the best part of the ride!”