Opinion: Haunted Houses Aren’t So Haunting Anymore

Haunted houses have gone downhill.

They appear to be more for entertainment than to scare us.

Haunted houses are a seasonal event during Halloween.

I’ve visited haunted houses before, but I have never been given a fright that was astonishing. The “scary” background music, the overused fog machines, and the flashing lights are more cheesy than creepy. Even the jumpscares are predictable. It’s almost as if you can time when they are going to jump out.

The cotton webs paired with the plastic spiders seem like they obviously came from your local Dollar Tree.

Real haunted houses usually have a story. Someone could have passed away in the house; maybe people passing by heard weird noises and never bought the house. The previous owner may have been rude, never let anyone in the house, and the house wasn’t seemingly kept up on the outside. These Halloween activities seem more mocking like a corny kids’ movie.

Haunted houses aren’t all bad. One of the best parts is going with your friends. It’s hilarious to see how scared they get. Even when I’m not scared, seeing them jump does give me a slight chill. Though I wish they were scarier, it can still be a great experience amongst friends.