Do You Regret Becoming a Teacher?

Most people don’t realize all the ups and downs that come with being a teacher.

Most teachers at CHS did not see themselves becoming teachers.

“I wanted to be a marine biologist,” said Amanda Keith, math teacher. “I don’t know why since I hate salt water.”

“I wanted to be a history teacher until my senior year of high school,” said Adam Tate, business teacher. “But in 2006 because of the economy, I switched to business, but then back to being a teacher.”

Teachers at CHS do not have any regrets about their career choice. They love the bonds they build with students, watching them grow, and develop academically and as people.

There were hard and bad parts of being a teacher.

“It’s hard when students don’t listen,” Said Joseph Fielder, gym teacher.

“It’s hard being able to reach all students at the same time,” Said Alexandra Reid. “Everyone learns at a different pace so it’s very challenging to keep them all on the right track.”

All teachers that were interviewed like it enough to teach until retirement.