The Qualities of a Great Teacher

Good teacher to have good qualities in their classrooms and how they teach.

“A good teacher should be considerate, respectable, and able to communicate properly to their students,” said Paige Nixon, senior.

“The difference between what makes a teacher good is when they give their students more interaction vs the teacher  reading out of the textbook and letting the kids learn on their own out of the book,” said an anonymous student.

“It does not matter if they’re a good teacher or not; every student should show their teacher respect,” said Samantha Adams,  junior.

Teachers should be chill, not uptight, relaxed, and let us get on our phones,” said an anonymous student.

The difference between what most teachers and students think is a good teacher is that students would rather have a teacher who is laid back and chill vs how most other teachers say a good teacher is uptight and strict.