Halloween Activities

Halloween’s coming up and students are going crazy for the fun events.

For Halloween, you can do fun activities with your friends and family such as trick-or-treating, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, have parties, and go see scary movies.

“On Halloween, I usually spend time with my family and watch classic scary movies and eat candy,” said sophomore, John David Touart.

“For Halloween, I always spend time with my family while we also carve pumpkins and watch traditional scary movies on Halloween. I also like to bake Pillsbury cookies because they’re my favorite. Halloween can get overwhelming when going trick or treating, so I stay at home and give out candy. I love to see all of the cool costumes,” said sophomore, Susannah Wilkinson.

“I like to go to haunted houses with family and friends for Halloween because I think it’s fun to get scared by the people in the houses, said sophomore, Chloe Gay. I also like to carve pumpkins and I most of the time just find something online to copy on the pumpkin to carve.”

Some don’t do anything on Halloween.