ACE Team Begins New Season

The Scholastic Bowl Team traveled to Galileo Magnet School to compete against Dan River and Galileo.

The Chatham ACE team prevailed over the Wildcats in one set, but lost the remaining three sets to Galileo and Dan River.

Chatham’s scores were 140-190 and 190-250 against Galileo, then 145-220 and 160-145 against Dan River.

Some students don’t know that ACE  qualifies as a sport, but according to VHSL, it is a high school sport. It has the same sportsmanship rules and  regulations as football or basketball.

An ACE match consists of three rounds: a toss-up round, a directed round, followed by another toss-up round. Each team has four players per round, and players can be subbed in for other teammates in between rounds.

The toss-up rounds have 15 questions where any player from either side can buzz in to answer. A correct answer gets 10 points, and loses five points if the contestant answers incorrectly and interrupts the question, but if you answer incorrectly after the question is completed, no points are lost.

The directed rounds consist of 20 questions, with each team being labeled either A or B. All of the ‘A’ questions will first be given to the A team, where they can then discuss for ten seconds and give an answer. If the answer is incorrect, the same question will then be given to the B team where they can steal.

Chatham is now tied for third in the county with a total of 635 points.

ACE will travel to Gretna this Thursday to take on Appomattox.