Chatham gets one on one Chromebooks for students

Each student will receive their own Chromebook to use both here at school, and at home.

Covid money was used to purchase one-to-one devices for every high school student.

The students will take the devices home and use at school.

“I think there is no need to get personalized chromebooks because I think the ones we have in the laptop carts do the job way better,” said Brent Stone, a senior.

The Chromebooks come with a plastic casing on them for protection.

Every student will carry their Chromebook to all of their academic classes with an exception of physical education unless required by the PE teacher.

Students will carry the laptops by the base with two hands when transitioning from one class to another.

The carrying case must remain on the Chromebooks at all times throughout the building and outside this includes before and after school, and at breakfast/lunch times, according to the Procedures and Expectations guidelines.

“I feel that they’re useful for kids who don’t have computer access at home,” said Tyler Hoffman, a senior.