Thanksgiving Pies Beloved by Students

Students have a variety of popular pies they enjoy eating on Thanksgiving.

“I think the most popular Thanksgiving dessert is pie; specifically apple is my favorite,” said Samantha Woods, senior.

A wide variety of pies are popular among students including pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, pecan, and even more.

Many students find their favorite pie to be better than other pies.

Pumpkin pie is commonly eaten on Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie is a symbol of harvest time, hence why it is served a lot during the fall. Though it has a texture like sweet potato pie, the pumpkin makes eating it different from eating sweet potato pie.

“Pumpkin pie will always be superior to other pies,” said freshman Jeremiah Garcia. “Compared to other pies it is more delicious and has a better texture.”

Another popular pie is sweet potato pie. Its creamy texture and tasty flavours are all packed together and baked to perfection. It’s a traditional pie often served on Thanksgiving that many people enjoy eating. It is said by many students that it is the best pie to eat on Thanksgiving.

“I will always eat sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving,” said freshman Shemariah Jones. “It just has a sweeter taste than the other pies and it’s texture is also better.”

I think sweet potato pie is the best pie to eat on Thanksgiving,” said sophomore  Destiney White. “There shouldn’t be a debate about which pie is better because sweet potato pie is better than any other pie in the world.”

Though apple pie is associated with the Fourth of July, many people eat it during the fall. The delicious taste of the baked apples makes students feel relaxed. Students feel it should always be eaten on Thanksgiving.

“Apple pie is superior to the other pies,” said freshman Jaiden Lipford. “Whether it’s Thanksgiving or not, I’d still choose it over other pies.

“Any other pie can’t compare to apple pie,” said freshman Blake Trembley. “Everything about apple pie is just perfection, its taste, texture and smell are all amazing.”

Pecan pie is another Thanksgiving favorite. The sweetness of the syrup and nuts combine to make a delicious dessert. Many students enjoy eating pecan pie on Thanksgiving and on days other than holidays.

“My mom always makes the best pecan pies, whether it’s Thanksgiving or not,”  said sophomore Jasmine Harrington. “I don’t think any other pie comes close to my moms famous pecan pie. ”

“I love pecan pie,” said sophomore Carleah Witcher. “The saltiness of the pecans and the sweet taste of the  syrup makes it the best pie I’ve ever eaten.”

Some other pies eaten on Thanksgiving are cranberry, lemon meringue, chocolate cream, etc.