Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving will be here soon and students are anticipating their favorite foods.

“I really like macaroni and cheese, bread, and carrot cake. It puts satisfaction in my stomach that nothing else can accomplish,” said Carrington Aaron, senior.

“Macaroni and cheese and green bean casserole are my favorites,” said Autumn Brady, senior.

“My favorites are green beans and rolls,” said Chloe Gay, sophomore.

“I love macaroni and cheese because my granny makes the best. I also like turkey,” said Christina Falls, senior.

“Stuffing is so good. It’s my favorite,” said Ryan Wells, senior.

“Yams are my favorite because a long time ago we didn’t have enough money to buy actual yams so we had to use sweet potatoes,” said Jalen Martin, senior.

“I really like turnip greens and sweet potato pie,” said Duchess Rodgers, senior.

“Mac and cheese and yams with marshmallows on top are my favorites,” said Messyah Felder, senior.