Comfort Foods Of CHS

Comfort foods taste amazing, but they can also reduce stress and promote comfort.

“Hot chicken soup is my comfort food; it’s also a childhood favorite of mine so it makes the dish even more comforting for me,” said Breanna Peckinpaugh, senior.

“A cream cheese and turkey bagel with everything on it but the bagel seasoning relieves all my life problems; they’re so tasty,” said Jordyn Burgess, junior.

“Baked mac and cheese with Old Bay seasoning is my comfort food; it is delicious and makes me think of the holidays and seeing family,” said Adam Tate, Business Management.

“I like strawberry shortcake; baking it is therapeutic, and then I proceed to eat it all in one sitting,” said Daisy Mcleod, senior.

“Ice cream is what always comforts me when I’m upset. It’s a cold and tasty treat for a bad day.” said Noel Word,  junior.

“I love Pop Tarts. I enjoy them when they are warm and gooey because I always get the S’mores flavor,” said Cole Yeatts, senior.

“Cheese Puffs are what I live off of; they make me feel as if I have no other worries in life,”said Victor Garland, junior.

Turkey Bagel
Chicken Soup